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Low-Code Software Platform

Low Code GeneXus development platform easily integrates business and systems, and it becomes readily adapted to client’s needs.

Factory GeneXus is the largest Latin America Software. Suite Master Distributor for more than 25 years.

Financial Services

Exclusive representative of Bantotal (Banking Software), leading more than 19 implementations in top-level financial entities.

Our vast experience in the financial field is our key tool to help our clients. As we deeply understand the business, we turn into strategic partners in innovative digital solutions.

Digital Innovation

Through our innovation model, we promote high impact digital solutions, focused on improving the client’s experience.

We help the companies to align the whole technological and digital transformation strategies to their business goals.

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Master distributors of GeneXus solutions, a low-code tool that allows software development in an agile and flexible platform for its implementation.

Exclusive representatives of the core banking software Bantotal, recognized internationally and implemented in the main financial institutions in Latin America.

Strategic alliance to offer solutions of the software products suite IBM DBA (Digital Business Automation), artificial intelligence with IBM Watson, IBM Cloud, IBM IoT.

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